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Effective Altruism Global

EA Global and EAGx conferences are organised by the Centre for Effective Altruism and members of the effective altruism community. They bring together a wide network of people who have made helping others a core part of their lives. Speakers and attendees share new thinking and research; coordinate on important projects, and work together to solve pressing problems.

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Learn from experts in talks and workshops

Engage with the latest EA ideas, research and projects

Experience a weekend full of engaging talks, discussions, and workshops at EA Global. Hear from experts and leaders in fields such as global health, animal welfare, existential risk, artificial intelligence, and policy. Dive deeper into your interests with additional talks, discussions, Q&As, and office hours. Participate in interactive workshops to think hard about crucial questions, develop valuable skills, and make progress on career plans.

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Connect with mentors and peers

Meet motivated people focused on impact

Use the conference app to connect with others, both in your areas of interest and beyond. Share useful information, improve coordination and work together on difficult problems. Engage with alternative perspectives, seek advice, and learn from other projects. Book one-to-one meetings, attend the career fair, or meet someone new in the lunch queue!

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EA Global & EAGx

Both EA Global and EAGx conferences typically last around 3 days. They involve talks, workshops, discussions, and many chances to network with people interested in effective altruism. The conferences can range in size, from several hundred to over a thousand attendees!

EA Global is organized by the Centre for Effective Altruism, while EAGx is organized by members of the EA community, with support from the EA Global team.

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EA Global

EA Global is mostly aimed at people who have a solid understanding of the core ideas of EA and who are already taking significant actions based on those ideas. Many attendees are professionally working on effective-altruism-inspired projects or working out how best to work on such projects.

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EAGx events

EAGx conferences are community-run events supported by the EA Global team. These conferences are open to a wider audience, including those who are familiar with the core concepts of EA, and interested in learning more about how to put those ideas into practice. People already working on effective-altruism-inspired projects also attend, to share research, updates, and advice, as well as to connect with people in the region where the conference is taking place.

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