EA Groups Newsletter September 22, 2018

Effective Altruism Groups Newsletter

September 22, 2018

Hi Organisers,

Here's the latest newsletter for EA Group organizers! If you'd like to submit content, please send it to groupnewsletter@eahub.org.


Michał Trzęsimiech and Marcin Kowrygo have joined the Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN). Marcin has assumed a research-focused role in movement building strategy, whilst Michał is available for 1:1 support and general management inquiries. You can reach them via lean@eahub.org. We want to learn more about the content you'd find most helpful in this newsletter. Please share your quick feedback with us.

Tools & Resources

As a reminder, here are the main online spaces for EA Group organizers:

Here are some of the latest write-ups related to EA community building:

Want advice, ideas or feedback on your plans for your group? The following people are available for 1:1 support via Skype:


Event Highlights

It's been a busy few months! Here's what some EA Group organizers have been up to recently. Share your event highlights viagroupnewsletter@eahub.org.


In August, EA Community builders and entrepreneurs gathered from around the world to discuss ideas for new projects and initiatives at the EA Summit.


Recipients of CEA's Community Building Grants met outside of Prague to share best practices and work together on their plans.