EA Groups Newsletter November 26, 2018

Effective Altruism Groups Newsletter

November 26, 2018

Hi Organisers,

Here's the latest newsletter for EA Group organizers! Please share feedback or submit content for future editions here.


  • The revamped EA Forum is now live! We'd welcome contributions from you and your community members. Check out the Community section for posts particularly relevant to EA community building
  • A major relaunch of the EA Hub is underway, with releases going live from late November. Stay tuned for updates
  • EAF is no longer offering 1-1 Skype calls with group organizers (read more), as these are available via CEA (groups@effectivealtruism.org) and LEAN (lean@eahub.org)

Tools & Resources

  • Curious about how people learn about EA? Rethink Priorities and LEAN have teamed up to break down and analyze 2500+ origin stories, (and local groups are a common factor)
  • 1-1 conversations with your community members are a high fidelity way of communicating about the ideas of Effective Altruism and can have many other benefits. Huw and Darius of EA Oxford wrote up a Guide to Successful 1-1s
  • If you're discussing EA careers in your group, think twice before talking about 'talent gaps' — 80,000 Hours have clarified nine misconceptionsabout the term
  • On the topic of careers, you can point people to the EA Work Club, the EA Volunteering Facebook Group as well as the 80,000 Hours job board
  • Planning events or content for your social channels? Aaron Gertler made this calendar of events which may be relevant to EAs
  • Giving season kicks off with Giving Tuesday on 27 November. If you're discussing donations in your group, you might like to make your members aware of EA Funds, a way to pool donations with the EA community and donate to a range of causes

Spotlight: Event planning

Group Updates

We want to hear what your group has been up to! Share your updates here.

  • Geneva (Konrad Seifert) — EA Geneva has been coaching, hosting workshops and discussion meetups, refining an advanced workshop and wrapping up its first batch of research on policymaking
  • India (Varun Deshpande) — India is focused on early movement-building, with the EA Delhi speaking at colleges and hosting multiple meetups. In 2019, it plans to start groups in Mumbai and beyond, have group members take on charity support work and publish updates about its work so far
  • London (David Nash) — The London team are thinking about ways to help engaged community members who don't attend events, and prioritising events for sub-groups within the community over 1-1s
  • Norway (Eirin Evjen) — EA Norway is supporting the Norwegian community by helping student groups, mentoring members in relation to their career, engagement with EA and overall productivity, and learning more about how to help the international EA community
  • Russia (Mikhail Yagudin) — EA Russia is a national level group of 5-7 committed core organisers pursuing projects on technical AI Safety outreach, cause prioritisation and effective giving. See its draft strategy
  • Spain (Pablo Melchor) — This relatively new group is growing in Madrid, restarting activities in Barcelona and creating plans for 2019
  • Zurich (Janique Behman) — EA Zurich is planning an AI policy careers workshop for EAs with interest in this path from all over Europe, in spring 2019. Email janique.behman@outlook.com if you want to be kept in the loop

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Katie and Michał