Introduction to Animal Advocacy Online Course

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Introduction to Animal Advocacy Online Course

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Animal Advocacy Careers

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19 September - 28 November 2022

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This online course will walk you through some of the key ways to help animals in your career. It will give you insight into the animal advocacy community and the diverse and exciting career opportunities available in this space.

You will be taking the course with a group of fellow aspiring animal advocates with whom you’ll be able to discuss your ideas — you’ll be able to connect through Slack and possibly participate in group calls organised by AAC. It’s a great chance to form good friendships or lasting professional connections. Past participants have told us that they’ve found it really motivating to complete the course alongside a cohort of like-minded people! We estimate that you’re about three times as likely to finish the course if you do so in this cohort with us than if you try to complete it on your own.

By the end of this course, you’ll have been introduced to plenty of highly promising career paths in animal welfare. The course will also support you in working out which jobs match your personal fit, and what the next steps are to reaching your animal welfare goals!

The online course will consist mostly of readings but also a few videos, and it is spread over nine weeks (or more, if you choose optional additions), with each online session taking an hour or two to complete. The sessions are:

  • Why prioritise farmed animals?
  • What does the farmed animal movement look like today?
  • Which interventions should we focus on?
  • How can you donate effectively?
  • How can you have a career that helps animals effectively?
  • How can you test your personal fit?
  • Can you help animals?
  • How much have you learned? (Test)
  • What are your next steps? Planning your career

After the course, we will also provide some follow-up contact and support to help you implement your plans.