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Course title

In-Depth EA Program


5 July – 29 August 2021

Time zone


The project of doing good brings up questions like:

  • What do I morally value?
  • How should I plan my career?
  • Should we focus on near-term impact or long-term impact?
  • How do we account for the indirect effects of our actions?
  • What are the best ways to improve the long-term future?
  • Are we at risk of extinction this century?
  • How do we know what we think we know?

The In-Depth EA Program aims to engage participants with questions like these to help them figure out what they want to do in the world and why. The Fellowship is aimed towards people who have already spent some time getting to know the EA community and feel familiar with some of the common arguments and ideas.

This next round of the In-Depth Program is being hosted by the Stanford EA team. After this round, it will be run by CEA contractors, Yi-Yang Chua and Emma Abele. Starting in August, Yi-Yang and Emma will run rounds starting the first week of every month so that you can participate whenever is best for your schedule.

The Program lasts 8 weeks, and is roughly a 2-hour time commitment per week —an hour for discussions and an hour for reading. The first 2 weeks cover pre-chosen content, while the following 5 weeks cover content selected by you and the other participants in your group from a set of options. The last week will cover careers, uncertainties, and next steps.