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EA Virtual Programs are opportunities for anyone around the world to engage intensively with the ideas of effective altruism through readings, videos, podcasts, exercises, and weekly small-group discussions.

Each program lasts 8 weeks, and you’ll have weekly 1-hour discussions with a cohort of 3-5 participants and one facilitator. Before attending each discussion, you’ll spend roughly 2 hours completing a set of readings (and sometimes a brief written exercise).

The next round of programs will happen from November 1st to December 26th. Apply before Sunday, October 24th.

New rounds start in the first week of every month, so you can participate whenever is best for your schedule.

If you have participated in any EA fellowships, programs, or reading groups before, and are looking for ways to contribute to the community, please apply to be a facilitator by Sunday, October 17th! Getting more great facilitators allows us to accept more people into our programs. You’re also likely to reinforce what you learned previously by engaging further with familiar content.

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Open Programs

Introductory EA Program

1 November – 26 December 2021

This program is ideal for those new to effective altruism, or for those who have some familiarity, but want to explore the core ideas in a structured way.

In-Depth EA Program

1 November – 26 December 2021

This program is ideal for graduates of the introductory program or those with a similar level of experience, who want to dive deeper into more complex EA ideas and examine their key uncertainties about how to best improve the world.

The Precipice Reading Group

1 November – 26 December 2021

In this reading group, you will read and engage in structured discussions of Toby Ord’s The Precipice, a book about existential risks and safeguarding the future of humanity.

Past Programs

18 October – 12 December 2021

A survey of legal ideas and research topics related to key EA concepts and cause areas.