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EA Virtual Programs are opportunities for anyone around the world to engage intensively with the ideas of effective altruism through weekly readings and small group discussions over the course of eight weeks.

There are no programs currently open.
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We are working on redesigning our systems, and expect to open up programming in July 2021.

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Past Programs

In-Depth Fellowship

13 April – 13 June 2021

A remote discussion group where attendees examine their key uncertainties about how to best improve the world. Ideal for graduates of the Introductory Fellowship or those with a similar level of experience.

The Precipice Reading Group

12 April – 6 June 2021

This reading group will read and engage in structured discussion of Toby Ord's The Precipice, a book about existential risks and safeguarding the future of humanity.

Introductory Fellowship

12 April – 6 June 2021

The Introductory Fellowship introduces people to the ideas and applications of effective altruism through weekly readings and small group discussions, facilitated by an experienced mentor.

20 February – 10 April 2021

A survey of legal ideas and research topics related to key EA concepts and cause areas.