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Liv Boeree

Professional Poker Player

Liv Boeree is Europe's leading female poker player, and it was through fellow poker players in Germany and Switzerland that she first came to hear about effective altruism. By this point, she had become dissatisfied with playing for a living and wanted to contribute something to the wider world. Liv was immediately compelled by the arguments and statistics they presented, such as the vast difference in the cost of saving factory farmed animals compared with those in shelters.

After this encounter, she and her poker friends co-founded the charity Raising for Effective Giving (REG), which aims to spread effective altruism within the poker world and raise as much money as possible through the industry for the highest impact charities and research foundations. She has many plans for how to increase her own impact; beyond donating a proportion of her winnings, she is focussing on networking to bring more like-minded people on board, and organising a charity poker event with REG to raise money and increase visibility.

Underpinning all of this work is the knowledge that the charities she's supporting are proven to really work. Liv values how much she has learnt about ethics, rationality and philosophy since becoming part of the effective altruism community.