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The people and organizations in the effective altruism community have already achieved a lot:

  • $8 billion committed to effective giving by Cari Tuna and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz through Good Ventures, with over $140 million given already.

  • $700 million+ pledged to effective charities by the 1800+ members of Giving What We Can.

  • $170 million+ moved to effective charities by charity evaluator GiveWell.

  • 1,100+ people have changed to a higher impact career due to 80,000 Hours.

We estimate this has resulted in:

You can see the calculations behind these figures here.

Some members of our community have also had a huge impact through entrepreneurship:

  • Every year, immigrants send hundreds of billions of dollars every year back to their home countries. Lincoln Quirk set up Wave, a low cost money transfer service which allows remittances to be sent faster and for cheaper than with other transfer services.

  • Ben West founded Health eFilings after discussions with 80,000 Hours. Health eFilings automates paperwork for physicians which allows them to spend more time treating patients. Ben lives on close to minimum wage, donating the rest of his income to effective charities.