Volunteer for short-term tasks

  • Occupation:
    Student, Professional, Retired
  • Time commitment:
    Hours, Part-time
  • Duration:
    Short-term, Medium-term
  • Familiarity with EA:
    New, Familiar, Very Familiar

Much of the work done by the EA community is a step or more removed from the ultimate beneficiaries of our actions. This leaves little room for the ordinary kinds of volunteer work you might do in many other parts of the nonprofit space. However, there are still many ways to contribute to projects within effective altruism.

Individuals and organizations sometimes need volunteers for specific events or projects. For example, one might volunteer to hand out badges at a conference or copyedit an article. If you’re willing to give your time and skills — in person or remotely, for practical or intellectual work — there’s likely to be some way that you can help. These opportunities will be particularly well-suited to people who have flexible schedules and are able to check their messages frequently.

If you’d like to lend a hand, check out the Effective Altruism Volunteering Facebook group. You may also see volunteering opportunities in Effective Altruism Job Postings and Effective Altruism Editing and Review.

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