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  • Occupation:Student, Professional, Retired
  • Time commitment:Hours
  • Duration:Long-term
  • Familiarity with EA:New, Familiar, Very Familiar

"Precommitment isn’t just for those who want to quit smoking or want to exercise more. Indeed, precommitment can work for those who recognize they can donate a portion of their income and benefit the world significantly, yet have trouble getting around to actually donating." (Peter Hurford)

If you’re serious about doing as much good as you can, consider taking the Giving What We Can pledge, a commitment to give a generous fraction of your lifetime income to the most cost-effective charities you can find.

There are a few formats the pledge can take:

  • The Pledge, a 10% lifetime commitment of income for professionals, or 1% commitment of spending money for students and the unemployed.

  • The Try Giving pledge, a temporary commitment for those who want to test the waters before taking the lifetime pledge.

  • The Further Pledge, a lifetime commitment of more than 10% of one’s income, either a fixed percentage of one’s income or everything earned above some income amount.

To take one of the pledges, check out the details and the FAQ. If you’re part of a student group, consider pledging together with a pledge party like the one held by EA Berkeley.