Run an EAGx conference

  • Occupation:
    Student, Professional, Retired
  • Time commitment:
    Part-time, Full-time
  • Duration:
    Medium-term, Long-term
  • Familiarity with EA:
    Very Familiar

If you’re involved in a well-established local group in a fairly large city, consider running an EAGx conference. These are locally-organized, full-day or weekend-long events, with audiences of 50 to 400 attendees. They focus on integrating relevant interest groups, exposing local members to the global EA community, and scaling up the skills and involvement of the group’s members.

Given the logistical complexity of running a conference, we only recommend these to groups with a track record of organizing moderately complex events in the past, and multiple organizers who are committed to spend up to 10 hours a week for 4-6 months preparing for the event. We expect there to be no more than 3-6 EAGx conferences each year. For groups lacking this experience and time capacity we recommend considering running an EA Local event or a large speaker event.

To apply to run an EAGx conference, check out the EAGx main page, which hosts an FAQ and organizer application.

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