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  • Occupation: Student, Professional, Retired, Group
  • Time commitment: Part-time
  • Duration: Medium-term
  • Familiarity with EA: New, Familiar, Very Familiar

Psychology literature shows that making public commitments helps to increase one’s follow-through on goals. This makes giving pledges particularly valuable for getting EAs to become and stay engaged.

If you would like to increase the commitment of your local group’s members and/or get the people around you with high-earning potential to give more, we recommend running a pledge drive. These are generally multi-week events where you explain and promote the pledge, culminating in a pledge ceremony. This works particularly well towards the end of a term or near the December giving season.

There are multiple pledges you might encourage people to take:

Note that a pledge drive isn’t a good fit in all circumstances. Here are write-ups of times when they did and did not work.

To run a pledge drive, use the relevant organization’s contact information to ask them what support they might offer you for your efforts.