Run a local EA event

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    Student, Professional
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    Familiar, Very Familiar

If you’re involved in a less-established local group in a medium or large city, consider running a local EA event. These are locally-organized half-day events, with a range of possible structures. Depending on your goals, we recommend having some combination of an introductory speaker, a regionally well-known keynote speaker, and a career workshop. The workshop will usually need to be self-organized — see the careers planning group guide — but 80,000 Hours occasionally has the capacity to run one regionally.

We suggest this for groups who want to help their current members improve their skills, and to offer something valuable and compelling to people who aren't yet involved, but might be interested in effective altruism.

Since the Centre for Effective Altruism and 80,000 Hours can usually cover event costs and much of their own logistics, this event should be less logistically difficult than running an EAGx conference, and we therefore recommend running this type of event over an EAGx conference in most circumstances.

If you are seeking to broaden your local group recruitment base, we recommend instead running a large speaker event with a series of follow-up meetings to keep interested people engaged.

To get started on your local EA event, check out our event-organizing resources. You can email for personalized assistance, as well as apply for funding with our event grants application.

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