Run a large speaker event

  • Occupation:
    Student, Professional
  • Time commitment:
  • Duration:
  • Familiarity with EA:
    Familiar, Very Familiar

If you’re trying to extend the reach of your student or professional EA group, consider running a large speaker event. Local groups often use these events to recruit new members by following them with a more thorough introduction to EA in a discussion group setting. Speaker events are particularly good to advertise at a student activities fair.

These events generally feature a keynote speaker who appeals to a large local audience — a well-known professor, local public figure, or professional in your field — while being relevant to EA in some way. Groups often start the event with an introduction-to-EA talk; the Centre for Effective Altruism offers to fly one of its team members out to give this talk and help with event curation.

To apply to run a large speaker event, check out our speaker database, CEA staff application, and funding application.

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