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  • Occupation:Professional, Retired
  • Time commitment:Hours, Part-time
  • Duration:Short-term, Medium-term, Long-term
  • Familiarity with EA:Familiar, Very Familiar

Much of the work that effective altruists do is augmented by ties to the industries to which they relate. Global poverty researchers can often further their impact when associated with relevant university departments, think tanks, or government agencies. Animal welfare advocates have a whole network outside the one in the EA community, whose knowledge and expertise can be a great stepping stone for further work. Advocates for greater thoughtfulness and generosity in giving can appeal to religious and secular groups alike, particularly those who are likely to take to EA concepts. Existential risk mitigators could benefit from having their thumb on activities in the defense, intelligence, and artificial intelligence spheres.

This is different from but related to bringing EA to your workplace; rather than spreading effective altruism’s ideas to your discipline, this is spreading your understanding of your discipline to the effective altruism community.

If you have close ties to a community that has relevant components to EA or believe that you could enmesh yourself in one, we encourage you to do so, and help the rest of the community learn from your experience. You can do a write-up of the field, highlighting its relevance to EA goals, and publish your findings to the EA Forum.