Promote EA in your workplace

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Many people have introduced concepts from effective altruism at their own companies (for example, Google and Microsoft). The most common approaches:

  • Running donation drives by encouraging coworkers to support highly effective charities through the company's donation-matching program (often during the holiday season)
  • Starting EA groups for coworkers interested in learning about effective altruism

If you want to start a group or promote effective altruism at your company, get in touch with us; we'd be happy to provide advice!

Smaller businesses also sometimes promote effective giving. For example:

  • The six-person Butler Law Firm has given $100,000 per year to some of GiveWell's top charities since 2018, sharing the story with news outlets to advertise themselves and draw attention to GiveWell's work. 
  • AE Studio, a small software company, runs a monthly poll to decide which charity gets 5% of their profits.
  • Several businesses have taken the Giving What We Can pledge, promising to donate 10% of their profits.
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