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  • Occupation: Student, Professional, Group
  • Time commitment: Full-time
  • Duration: Medium-term, Long-term
  • Familiarity with EA: New, Familiar, Very Familiar

You’re a student or early-stage professional who thinks effective altruism is plausibly a promising way to improve the world, and are committed to dedicating your time and energy to what’s best for the world. If you’re serious about your values, take it to the next level and go for a full-time occupation doing EA work. Your time is arguably one of your best resources for making a difference and you will spend a lot of your time at work, but figuring out how to spend it best can be really hard.

To 80,000 Hours will take you from A to Z, guiding you through your thought process. The offer a host of resources including a step-by-step career guide, an interactive decision tool, and research on the careers you might pursue and problems you might tackle. If you’d like additional, personalized support during your exploratory process, check out the Effective Altruism Careers Discussion Facebook group and 80,000 Hours LinkedIn group to chat with people like you. If you are considering work in one or more of their priority areas, you may be eligible for a career coaching call with a member of the 80,000 Hours staff.

If you’re part of a student group, consider running a career planning event by going through the decision tool and 80,000 Hours materials together.