Attend EA Global

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    Student, Professional
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  • Familiarity with EA:
    Familiar, Very Familiar

Effective Altruism Global is the annual conference of the effective altruism community, run by the Centre for Effective Altruism. There are 1 to 3 events every year, focused on advancing the frontier of our understanding and helping people excited about EA to build their connections and pursuits.

These events tend to cater to people relatively familiar with effective altruism and/or experts in some relevant subdomain. (We use "relatively familiar" to mean that you’ve read Doing Good Better, the Effective Altruism Handbook, and/or at least a dozen EA articles online.)

To apply to EA Global, check out the Upcoming Events page. If applications aren't open yet, you can learn when they open by subscribing to the Effective Altruism Newsletter.

If you are new to EA and want to meet other EAs in person, we recommend looking for a local EA meeting or event in your area, using Facebook or Meetup.

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