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  • Occupation: Student, Professional
  • Time commitment: Full-time
  • Duration: Short-term
  • Familiarity with EA: New, Familiar, Very Familiar

Improving the world in ambitious ways takes skill and mental acuity, so personal capacity-building may be one of the best ways to help the world in the long-run. The Center for Applied Rationality offers regular workshops for those most dedicated to improving the world, to help them build a personal improvement toolset. They "care about the long-term future, and … suspect thinking skills, dialogue skills, and the social fabric to support them may be key to making that pivot a good one."

If you would like to improve your productivity and the accuracy of your beliefs, check out their FAQ and list of upcoming workshops.

Don't have the time or money for a workshop? Check out CFAR's rationality reading list and 80,000 Hours' evidence-based advice for free, self-guided self-improvement.