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People often come to effective altruism with questions:

"What are the best ways to fight climate change?" "How can I make an impact as an economics major?" "This thing I read about EA seems ridiculous. What's going on here?"

Questions like these are really important, and can be hard to research alone. Here are some ways to get answers:

Ask on the EA Forum

The Forum is the center of online discussion on effective altruism. You can ask a question, and see what others have asked, on this page.

Don't be shy about asking! Everyone starts somewhere, and some of the movement's most important ideas started out as simple questions.

Look it up

The EA Forum has a searchbar you can use to find posts and comments. You might want to start there in case it saves you time.

You can also check the Forum's Wiki for basic info and relevant posts on many topics.

Talk to someone

This website is a project of the Centre for Effective Altruism; we would be happy to talk to you!

We recommend using the Forum for most questions, as you'll get more and quicker answers, but we understand if you’d rather start by asking one person.

Get in touch by using our contact page.

Find other sources

If your question isn't specific to effective altruism (for example, you're looking for global health data or advice on PhD programs), consider using another expert forum. Good resources include:

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