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Course title

In-Depth Fellowship

Host organization

Effective Altruism Oxford


24 January – 21 March 2021

Time zone


Applications to this course have closed

Applications are rolling and will close once we have reached capacity.

The Oxford In-Depth Fellowship is an 8-week discussion group with assigned reading and exercises. The goal is to think about some of the implications of the core ideas of effective altruism, develop our skills for prioritising when doing good, and to think about how this prioritisation applies to our lives. This fellowship is aimed towards people who have already spent some time getting to know the EA community and feel familiar with some of the common arguments and ideas.

The Fellowship lasts 8 weeks, and we expect a 4-hour time commitment per week. An hour and a half for discussions, some time engaging in online discussions with other fellows and the remaining time for reading.

We will spend 4 weeks on preset content which we feel would be useful for all Fellows and the remaining 4 weeks will be selected by you and a small group of other Fellows from a menu of optional content.

If you'd like to get a feel for what's included in the Fellowship, here is an old syllabus (the syllabus we will use will be have optional weeks and some different content but will have the same kinds of sources and exercises).