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Lincoln Quirk

Founder of Wave

Affiliated with:

Lincoln Quirk is the founder of Wave. His interest in evidence-based approaches to tackling global problems began around 2010 when he came across the charity evaluator GiveWell.

The idea that transparency and quantification can lead to better decision-making resonated strongly. After finishing an Sc.B in computer science at Brown, he tried out different ventures within technology entrepreneurship, starting several companies and taking part in Y Combinator.

In 2014 he started his company Wave, whose mission is to make sending money as easy and affordable as sending a text. This has enabled immigrants to transfer funds to relatives in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia with substantially lower fees than if they used Western Union or MoneyGram, making it possible for more people to access markets and improve their lives.

Besides being able to quantify just how much money Wave’s users are saving, much of the satisfaction comes from users reaching out with stories of how Wave has helped them and their families. As well as continuing to grow Wave and lower transfer costs, Lincoln hopes to encourage and advise other entrepreneurs who want to start companies to do good.