Groups: Resources and Support


EA groups are places for people to learn about effective altruism, and to be part of a community of like-minded individuals applying EA principles to their lives.

This page outlines the main types of support available to EA groups.


Resources for Groups

Connecting with Other Organisers


If you are thinking about starting a group, please contact CEA’s Groups Team via to get all the information you need, and to arrange a call.

The team is also available to advise group organisers about

  • Group strategy
  • Specific projects your group is planning
  • Challenges your group is facing
  • Opportunities for funding.

Julia and Sky from CEA’s Community Health Team are available to help with any community concerns. Julia can be contacted at and Sky at You can also make a time to talk to Julia during her office hours.

Group Support Funding

CEA’s Group Support Funding provides funds to cover a group’s operating expenses, such as room booking, advertising costs, and food at events, and to allow EA groups to run specific projects (such as retreats or fellowships).

Find out more about Group Support Funding.

Group Organiser Funding

Grants are available from CEA and the EA Infrastructure Fund for groups to have part- and full-time paid organisers.

Assessments will usually be based on

  • the organiser’s past work and future plans,
  • how engaged or promising the current group members are,
  • the opportunities for producing more highly engaged/promising EAs.

All organisers interested in paid community building roles can apply by filling in the EA group organiser funding expression of interest form. Groups seeking general advice about funding can contact CEA’s Groups team at

Community Building Grants

CEA supports EA groups in certain locations through their Community Building Grants (CBG) programme, which provides funding and support for individuals and groups to work on effective altruism community building. Grants are typically between 5,000 USD and 100,000 USD per year.

City/National groups

As of October 2021, the locations eligible for the CBG programme are:

  • Australia (national)
  • Berlin, Germany (city)
  • Boston, USA (city)
  • Canada (national)
  • Czech Republic (national) (currently on a CBG)
  • France (national) (currently on a CBG)
  • Germany (national) (currently on a CBG)
  • India (national)
  • London, UK (currently on a CBG)
  • Netherlands (national) (currently on a CBG)
  • New York City, USA (currently on a CBG)
  • Norway (national) (currently on a CBG)
  • Oxford, UK (city)
  • San Francisco Bay area, USA (city)
  • Sweden (national) (currently on a CBG)
  • Switzerland (national) (currently on a CBG)
  • Washington DC, USA (city) (currently on a CBG)

We’ve selected these locations either because they have a large EA community, or because they are especially high priority in terms of growing EA presence globally.

University groups As of October 2021, the universities eligible for the CBG programme are:

  • Brown Universtiy, USA (currently on a CBG)
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA
  • Columbia University, USA (currently on a CBG)
  • Georgetown University, USA (currently on a CBG)
  • Harvard University, USA (currently on a CBG)
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
  • Oxford University, UK (currently on a CBG)
  • Princeton University, USA
  • Stanford University, USA (currently on a CBG)
  • Swarthmore College, USA (currently on a CBG)
  • University of California, Berkeley, USA (currently on a CBG)
  • University of Cambridge, UK (currently on a CBG)
  • University of Chicago, USA (currently on a CBG)
  • University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • University of Pennsylvania, USA (currently on a CBG)
  • Yale University (currently on a CBG)

University groups are selected primarily based on the university’s track record of having highly influential graduates (e.g. Nobel prize winners, politicians, major philanthropists). We also place some weight on university rankings, universities in regions with rapidly-growing global influence, the group’s track record, and leader quality.

Find out more about Community Building Grants.

EA Infrastructure Fund Grants

The Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) recommends grants to improve the work of projects that use the principles of effective altruism, by increasing their access to talent, capital, and knowledge.

EAIF accepts applications from EA groups that are not eligible for CBG funding.

Organisers can apply using the EA group organiser funding expression of interest form. EAIF has funding rounds at certain times, but can assess time-sensitive applications even when a round isn’t open. If you’d like to chat to someone about applying for an EAIF grant, please get in touch with Buck Shlegeris at