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June 14, 2017

Events often like having "swag" to hand out to their participants, but it can become costly for the event organizers to provide it. Luckily, the Centre for Effective Altruism have found that giving away free copies of Doing Good Better is an effective way of encouraging people to the Giving What We Can pledge.

If there is a local event like a conference or office presentation that seems relevant to effective altruism, reach out to the event organizers a month in advance and ask if they would like free books to give out to event attendees. Then apply for free copies of *Doing Good Better *enough in advance for them to arrive. The Centre for Effective Altruism has limited capacity to send books at the moment (as of June 2017), so please only request books if you can provide a compelling reason for this being a good use of their time and money.

Time commitment: hours

Duration: short-term

Familiarity with EA: new, familiar, regular

Occupation: student, professional, retiree, group