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Zak Weston: Growing meat — a market-based approach to building an ethical food system

July 14, 2020

Plant-based, fermented, and cultivated protein technologies hold the potential to shift our food supply away from its dependence on conventional animal agriculture and its effects on climate change, global food insecurity, public health, and animal welfare. But transforming the food system is a vast, multidisciplinary effort that requires expertise in disciplines ranging from synthetic biology and chemical engineering to economics and data science. Zak Weston makes the case for rethinking meat, eggs, and dairy, discusses the levers we can pull to ensure the success of the alternative protein field, and explains how you can make a positive impact.

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Christian Rassi and Diana Thomas: Effective altruism on the front line — transforming lives and international development

July 13, 2020

Malaria Consortium has received funds from effective altruism organizations since 2016 to help save lives in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Through their seasonal malaria chemoprevention program, they have reached millions of children in Africa’s Sahel region with life-saving treatments for malaria. In this talk, Malaria Consortium Programme Director Christian Rassi provides insights into the impact of the programme from the front line, and Media and Communications Manager Diana Thomas considers how partnering with effective altruism has transformed Malaria Consortium’s thinking.

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Sam Carter: Are cash transfers the best policy option?

July 9, 2020

Cash transfers are a popular strategy for poverty reduction. But how do their results compare to those of more traditional programs? In this talk, Sam Carter, a senior policy associate at J-PAL, shares evidence from impact evaluations spanning a set of countries that have directly compared cash transfers to other interventions. She also discusses how their impacts differ, as well as the most appropriate contexts in which to implement transfer programs.

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Marcus Davis: Rethink Priorities — empirical research on neglected causes

July 9, 2020

Rethink Priorities is a research organization dedicated to conducting research on neglected causes. Over the past year, they’ve developed a track record of high-quality research in the areas of farmed animal welfare, wild animal welfare, and risks from nuclear weapons. Co-founder Marcus Davis discusses the organization’s approach to producing valuable research, with specific reference to their work on animal welfare.

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Mahendra Prasad: Rational group decision-making

July 8, 2020

Effective altruism aims to help individuals improve their decision-making, but the topic of decision-making in groups often falls by the wayside. In this talk from EA Global: London 2019, Mahendra Prasad, a PhD candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, focuses on two aspects of group decision-making: ways to aggregate information from individuals within a group and conditions under which groups tend to make better decisions.

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Alexandria Beck: How the Open Wing Alliance is driving progress worldwide

July 7, 2020

The Open Wing Alliance (OWA) is a global coalition of 70+ organizations that are working to change the way the world’s biggest companies treat animals. Alexandria Beck, director of the OWA, explains how the coalition is spreading its ideas across cultures in its quest to set a new standard for corporate animal welfare policies in every major market.

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David Rhys Bernard: Estimating long-term effects without long-term data

July 6, 2020

It’s important to estimate the long-term impacts of our actions, but we often can’t observe long-term outcomes within a decision-relevant time frame. David Rhys Bernard, a PhD candidate at the Paris School of Economics, recently tested an alternative approach — measuring the short-term impacts of different interventions on a variety of “surrogate” outcomes, then using those outcomes to reach a long-term impact estimate. In this talk, he explains his findings and their implications.

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Charity Entrepreneurship: Graduate lightning talks

July 3, 2020

In this presentation from EA Global: London 2019, the graduates of Charity Entrepreneurship’s Incubation Program introduce their new organizations in a series of lightning talks.

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Roy Head: How to put your own charity to the test

July 2, 2020

Mass media can reach millions of people, but can it improve health and save lives as effectively as other top interventions? Past studies of mass-media campaigns for public health failed to find evidence of strong impact, belying the potential of the medium. In this talk, Roy Head, CEO of Development Media International (DMI), discusses the randomized controlled trial DMI ran on its own health campaign — and the surprising results.

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Kate Krueger: Growing a sustainable future through cellular agriculture

July 1, 2020

Cellular agriculture is the use of cell cultures to create new foods. This field of inquiry provides a unique opportunity for scientists from many backgrounds to contribute their skills to a common cause: reducing the impact of climate change and lowering the number of animals involved in the food system. Kate Krueger, the research director at New Harvest, describes modern cellular agriculture, its benefits, and how we can best promote its progress through research.

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